San Francisco (Diya TV) — Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the leg at a rally in Islamabad. One of his supporters was also killed in the hail of gunfire. Officials call the incident an assassination attempt. The gunman was taken into police custody but the motive still remains unclear. Khan was in a convoy leading a march in the streets of Islamabad demanding snap elections. Meanwhile, protests erupted in the streets and more are expected.

A sophisticated ring of burglars from South America allegedly targeted Indian American homes on New York’s Long Island. Police say they would watch those coming out of businesses or getting nails done and then follow them into their homes. Officials say the burglars dressed up as utility workers and had illegally crossed the border several months ago.

During the United Nations Security Council event, India played an audio tape of the late Pakistani terrorist commander Sajid Mir, the mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai attack. He is heard trying to direct the attack on Chabad House Jewish Community Center.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.