Ameya Pawar
Ameya Pawar, an alderman from Chicago’s 47th ward who is running for governor of Illinois, will host a Q&A via livestream on June 15.

CHICAGO (Diya TV) — Ameya Pawar, the Chicago alderman who is currently running for governor of Illinois, announced in a press release that he will host a virtual town hall on June 15, where he plans to bring public his visions for a New Deal for the state via a livestream.

Pawar’s event is intended to unite Illinois’s community residents — regardless of their political leanings — to learn more about the candidate and his views.

He will host the Q&A via livestream, viewers will have the ability to submit their questions beforehand, as well as during the event. Viewers can follow and participate using the hashtags #Pawar2018 and #AskAmeya. More than 200 volunteers on regional teams are facilitating the creation of watch parties in communities across the state. A digital support team will provide hosts with logistical and technology assistance. Those who are interested in hosting or attending should visit

Pawar was first elected to public office in 2011, he currently represents Chicago’s 47th ward. His victory spelled a defeat of the city’s infamous political machine, and was made possible, he said, by knocking on every door of his ward. He feels a virtual town hall is an opportunity to engage with voters across Illinois, as well as to promote civic and community engagement in hopes of people discovering we have more in common than we think.