HOBOKEN, NJ (Diya TV) — Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has thrown his support behind Congressman Andy Kim’s lawsuit aimed at ending the “county party line” system in New Jersey primaries. Bhalla, along with Jersey City Councilman James Solomon and several others, filed an amicus curiae brief to provide injunctive relief in time for the June primary election.

“The ballot favoritism given to candidates endorsed by the county political parties is not only undemocratic; it deters good people from running, doing a grave disservice to the voters who are denied real choices,” stated Bhalla, emphasizing the need for a fairer electoral process.

The amicus brief, which includes Joe Cohn, Staci Berger, and Valerie Vainieri Huttle, aims to provide firsthand experience and insights into the harms caused by the “county line” system. These include the disadvantages faced by unendorsed candidates and the overall imbalance of power within the political landscape.

New Jersey’s primary ballot design is unique, organizing ballots around the county line rather than electoral positions sought, as seen in other states. This system gives preferential treatment to candidates endorsed by county parties, relegating others to less prominent ballot positions.

Supporters of electoral reform, including Bhalla, Cohn, Berger, Solomon, and Huttle, argue that the “county line” system undermines democracy by allowing party insiders to wield disproportionate influence over the electoral process. They stress the importance of abolishing this practice to ensure fair and transparent elections in New Jersey.