DELHI, India (Diya TV) — In a notable U-turn, Alphabet’s Google has announced the reinstatement of over 100 Indian apps, including popular ones like, which were removed from its platform due to a billing dispute. The move comes after facing significant backlash from the Indian government and local internet startups, according to Reuters.

The dispute arose when Google took action against these apps for failing to comply with its policy, which mandates a service fee for in-app transactions that bypass Google’s payment system. This decision sparked outrage among Indian companies, many of which have long been engaged in contentious relationships with the tech giant.

However, Google’s stance softened after a closed-door meeting between Sanjay Gupta, Google India’s head, and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The decision to temporarily reinstate the apps was made, indicating a willingness to cooperate while appeals are pending in the Supreme Court.

The Indian startup community has been vocal in opposing Google’s imposition of fees ranging from 11% to 26% on in-app transactions. This resistance follows directives from India’s antitrust authorities, instructing Google not to enforce its earlier fee structure of 15% to 30%. Startups have taken legal action against Google’s policies, filing cases in both the Supreme Court and the country’s antitrust watchdog. Minister Vaishnaw expressed optimism about reaching a long-term resolution, indicating a potential easing of tensions between Google and Indian startups in the near future. However, he had previously criticized Google’s initial decision to remove the apps, emphasizing that such actions cannot be tolerated.

The ongoing conflict underscores broader tensions between global tech giants and regulatory authorities in various countries, particularly regarding issues of market dominance and fair competition. India, with its burgeoning tech sector and increasingly assertive regulatory environment, has become a focal point for such disputes.

Google’s move to backtrack on its app removals highlights the complex interplay between corporate interests, government regulations, and the demands of local businesses. It also underscores the significance of dialogue and negotiation in resolving disputes that impact the digital ecosystem. For Indian startups, the reinstatement of their apps represents a temporary reprieve, but the underlying issues remain unresolved. The outcome of ongoing legal battles and negotiations will likely shape the future landscape of app distribution and payment processing in India’s rapidly growing digital economy.