BALTIMORE (Diya TV) – The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, resulting from apparent electrical problems experienced by the massive container ship, the Dali. The ship, departing Baltimore’s port early on March 26, struck one of the supports for the bridge, causing the span to collapse into the Patapsco River and resulting in the deaths of six road repair crew members.

The recovery of a fourth body from a construction vehicle in the underwater wreckage was announced by authorities Monday evening. While docked in Baltimore, alarms went off on some of the ship’s refrigerated containers, indicating an inconsistent power supply, according to a source familiar with the situation. Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating whether the ship experienced power issues before starting its voyage.

The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the bridge collapse, focusing on the circumstances leading up to it and whether all federal laws were followed. FBI agents boarded the cargo ship on Monday, conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity. Meanwhile, Mayor Brandon Scott announced a partnership with two law firms to “launch legal action to hold the wrongdoers responsible” and mitigate harm to the people of Baltimore.

The Dali, managed by Synergy Marine Group and owned by Grace Ocean Private Ltd., filed a court petition seeking to limit their legal liability — a routine procedure for cases litigated under U.S. maritime law. Attorneys representing some of the victims and a worker who survived the collapse argued that the companies are taking advantage of an “archaic law” in attempting to protect their assets.

Three of the workers’ bodies are still missing, as crews continue the dangerous work of removing massive chunks of steel from the river. Julio Cervantes, who survived falling from the bridge, narrowly escaped drowning by rolling down his work vehicle’s window and fighting through the frigid water despite being unable to swim. “This was all preventable,” said attorney L. Chris Stewart. “That is why we were brought in to investigate and find out what has happened and give these families a voice.”

The investigations come amid concerns about the safety of thousands of U.S. bridges and days after more than two dozen river barges broke loose and struck a closed span in Pittsburgh.