SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — A Facebook post mocking one of Islam’s holiest sites appeared to spark a string of violent attacks and lootings that left more than 100 people hurt in Eastern Bangladesh Sunday.

The post made on the social media website showed the Hindu deity over a picture of the Kaaba, a large building in Mecca. Some of the rioters attempted to apprehend the 27-year-old man they suspected of posting the photo, however, police are yet to determine who made the posting.

After nearly two hours of violence in the eastern town of Nasirnagar, at least 100 homes and five Hindu temples were looted. At least 150 men were injured, according to reports. Police have made nine arrests in the incident, including a 30-year-old Hindu man who authorities plan on charging with “breaching internet laws.”

While religious violence is rare in the Muslim majority nation, unrest has increased, stemming from an uptick in Islamist activity in the South Asian country. Atheists, secular bloggers and foreigners have all been the targets of recent attacks.

“We are tired of such repeated incidents. It is very unfortunate that none of the culprits of previous attacks are brought to justice,” Hindu leader Rana Dasgupta said.

Monday, the Hindu American Foundation issued a statement on the riots, citing Bangladesh police authorities named several Islamist groups operating in Bangladesh as the main culprits for instigating the violence.

“HAF is shocked and disappointed by the news of the riots in Bangladesh, especially occurring on the auspicious day of Diwali for Hindus around the world,” said Jay Kansara, HAF Director of Government Relations.

“Religious violence in Bangladesh seemed to have recently subsided due to the efforts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government in cracking down on terrorists and extremists in the aftermath of the Dhaka cafe attack. However, it is now apparent that the government must renew its vigilance and should direct its current investigation towards apprehending the perpetrators of such mass rioting, instead of focusing on the individual who created the Facebook post.”

As recently as this past July, radical Islamists attacked a restaurant popular with expats, killing 20 hostages, 18 of whom were foreigners.