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As America’s first and only South Asian broadcast television network, Diya TV is proud to bring you relevant local, national and international coverage of our burgeoning community 24/7 for free on local television stations all over the nation!

Diya TV National Coverage Map

Currently, you can watch Diya TV on these television stations:

WNYX/WXNY Channel 35.5/32.5 – New York

KAAP Channel 24.1 – San Francisco Bay Area

KFLA Channel 8.4 – Los Angeles

WRJK Channel 22.3 – Chicago

WSWF Channel 10.1 – Orlando

KLEG Channel 44.3 – Dallas

KQHO Channel 56.1 – Houston

WLVO Channel 21.1 – Atlanta

WHNE Channel 14.4 – Detroit

WRNT Channel 48.2 – Hartford

WCRN Channel 25.2 – Providence

KBID Channel 31.4 – Fresno

KBBV Channel 19.2 – Bakersfield

To watch us, all you need is a TV antenna and a HDTV.

Find the coaxial port label (TV ANT) on the back of your HDTV and connect your antenna to it. To find a suitable antenna for your neighborhood, check out

Once the antenna is connected to your TV, use your TV remote, go to menu and scan for digital channels. Within moments, your TV will scan all the local channels available where you live and hopefully Diya TV as well!

And if you can’t find us where you live or have question, drop us a line.