SOUTH BEND, Indiana (Diya TV) — Elizabeth Warren, once considered a top contender for the Democratic nomination, officially ended her bid after a disappointing showing, where she was unable to win even one state, not even her home state of Massachusetts. Warren will still have an impact on this race since Joe Biden was able to consolidate support from other candidates to garner some big wins on Super Tuesday and would like to add her to the mix. And Bernie Sanders is in need of an ally after winning big in California, but facing the prospect of going against the former Vice President without the same level of collegial support.

The count for this year’s U.S. Census is underway, a major factor to ensure your community gets earmarked enough money from the federal government. Since it takes place once a decade, undercounting is always an issue, especially when it comes to communities of color. So in San Francisco, Census officials in conjunction with CAA, Chinese for Affirmative Action, discussed their efforts to reach underrepresented communities. But they admit it will be a challenge since Census decision makers chose not to allocate even a single dollar to market to the Indian community, which is not only the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, it’s the second largest immigrant group in 21 states.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.