NEW YORK (Diya TV) — Vikram Singh Vilkhu became the first Sikh judge to be elected in New York State, as he was inaugurated as Brighton Town Judge.

Raised in New York by Indian immigrant parents, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Emory University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University.

During his time in law school, Vilkhu distinguished himself as a skilled trial advocate, earning the prestigious William Wallace Award. He further honed his legal expertise while serving as President of his school’s renowned Trial Team.

Most recently, he’s been a partner at Rochster-based law firm Relin, Goldstein, and Crane LLP.

Reflecting on his roots and the support of his family, Vilkhu expressed gratitude for the opportunities afforded to him in America. “My father’s journey from anonymity to prominence in this country is a testament to the American dream,” he remarked. “I am proud to carry on his legacy and serve my community with integrity and dedication.”

Vilkhu’s election is part of a larger trend towards greater representation of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities in local government. Senator Jeremy Cooney, who endorsed Vilkhu and other AAPI candidates, emphasized the importance of diverse representation in shaping inclusive policies and inspiring future leaders.

“I am proud to support candidates like Vikram Singh Vilkhu, who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to public office,” stated Senator Cooney. “Their election marks a significant step forward in amplifying AAPI voices in our community and fostering a more inclusive political landscape.”