Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar
Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar

NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — The U.S. and India are partnering together to make it easier for the two countries’ militaries to coordinate during disasters and other emergencies, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Tuesday.

During a joint news conference with Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, Carter said the two countries have “agreed in principle” on a logistics agreement, and that it could be finalized in the coming weeks. U.S. Defense officials said the agreement would facilitate better coordination between the armed forces of both countries, including in exercises, and also allow the U.S. to more easily sell fuel or provide spare parts to the Indians.

Additionally, Carter said the U.S. and India expect to reach a second agreement to improve the sharing of information of commercial shipping, in an effort to beef up security in the seas.

Carter said that while these types of agreements sound as if they should be automatic, it doesn’t always work that way.

And while this agreement was touted as an important stepping in amping up international relations, there still remains less progress on other programs the U.S. would like to partner with India on.


Those would include cooperation on the development of jet engines and aircraft carrier technologies.

Carter on Monday said that India is seeking to move to a flat-deck design for its aircraft carriers, and said that the U.S. is “more than willing” to share the technology they have which allows jet fighters to launch off the ships. Called “catapult technology,” U.S. defense officials said that if India begins using it, opportunities for India to purchase U.S.-made FA-18 fighter jets or other crafts using the technology could present itself.

During a visit to China last June, Carter and Parrikar signed a separate defense agreement in an effort to broaden the traditionally rocky relationship between the two nations.