LONG ISLAND (Diya TV) – India took down the United States by seven wickets, effectively keeping their undefeated tournament alive. However, the win came with some controversy towards the end. India was awarded five penalty runs after the U.S. failed to transition between overs in the allotted time frame on multiple occasions. 

Teams have a minute between overs to regather and get ready. The stop clock was implemented in international matches in December 2023 and was made official in April 2024. Two warnings are issued to bowlers if they exceed 60 seconds multiple times. Every violation after is five runs to the opposing team. 

While warnings have been issued previously, the U.S. became the first team to receive the run penalty in-game. Commentator Ebony Rainford-Brent noted the U.S. approach and how the penalties came to be.

“They’ve been going slow,” the broadcaster said. “Maybe overthinking due to the pressure in this game.”

Even though the U.S. did defeat a powerhouse in Pakistan, the team has little tournament experience. On one of the biggest stages in cricket, the club ultimately floundered.