EDMONTON, Ont. (Diya TV) – Edmonton city police made a historic drug bust, seizing 40.5 kg of cocaine valued at approximately $1.8 million, marking the single largest cocaine seizure in EPS history. The operation led to the arrest of a 40-year-old male suspect, Randhir Singh Gill, who now faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The investigation, conducted by Edmonton’s Gang Suppression Team (GST), began in September 2023, targeting the suspected involvement of the male suspect in drug trafficking. The culmination of the operation occurred during a traffic stop on October 27, 2023, where the significant cocaine haul was discovered in the suspect’s vehicle.

“This is the single biggest cocaine seizure in EPS’ history,” stated Staff Sergeant Eric Stewart of the EPS Guns and Gang Section. “This will undoubtedly make a dent in this suspect’s illicit drug network as we work to stop those that are preying on our vulnerable community members.”

While authorities did not reveal specific ties to organized crime, they emphasized that investigations of this magnitude typically involve organized criminal elements. Edmonton Police Service will continue its efforts to identify the source of the seized drugs through collaboration with law enforcement partners in Canada and the United States.

The markings on the cocaine packages, which depict a woman in a two-piece swimsuit, do not suggest any specific affiliation with a particular group. The investigation is ongoing, with EPS actively focusing on interdiction, maintaining a presence around organized crime figures and groups to combat the city’s rising drug use and distribution.

Insp. Lance Parker of the Edmonton Police Service acknowledged the city’s drug issues and expressed concern about violence associated with drug trafficking. New teams will be established to address various controlled substances in the city and mitigate potential risks tied to drug-related violence.

Randhir Singh Gill is set to appear in court on November 8, 2023.