NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — In response to India’s burgeoning demand for electronics and the government’s push for local manufacturing, Pegatron Group, a major player in electronics manufacturing, is contemplating establishing PC foundry capacity within the country. This development comes as India recently suspended import license quota policies until at least September 2024, further encouraging global tech giants to invest in local operations.

Contrary to previous speculation suggesting Pegatron shifted MacBook and iPad production to Indonesia in 2019, recent information reveals that PC production remained in China. Now, with India offering incentives for local PC manufacturing, Pegatron sees an opportunity to expand its operations, potentially aligning with Apple’s strategy of localizing production to comply with stringent regulations.

Chairman Tong Zixian of Pegatron has confirmed internal discussions regarding the feasibility of scaling up production capacity in India. If realized, this move would not only mark a significant shift in Pegatron’s operational footprint but also position the company as a pioneer in Taiwan’s PC foundry industry, embracing the “Made in India” ethos.

Currently, major players in PC production are scarce in India’s electronics manufacturing landscape. While brand manufacturers have partnered with entities like Flextronics and local players such as Bhagwati and Dixon, Pegatron’s potential venture could catalyze a paradigm shift in the industry.

Tong Zixian highlights the long-term prospects, likening India’s market trajectory to that of the mainland in the past. Beyond serving as a manufacturing hub, India presents itself as a colossal consumer market, hinting at a trend favoring local manufacturing and consumption.

As Pegatron explores avenues for PC manufacturing in India, its collaboration with Apple underscores the convergence of business interests and regulatory imperatives.