WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced the suspension of her campaign, effectively ceding the Republican nomination to former President Donald Trump. This decision follows a series of losses in Super Tuesday’s primary contests, where Haley only secured victory in Vermont.

Addressing supporters in Charleston, South Carolina, Haley expressed gratitude for the widespread support her campaign received across the nation. However, she emphasized that the time had come to end her bid for the presidency, affirming that she had no regrets in seeking to amplify the voices of Americans.

While congratulating Trump on his anticipated nomination, Haley refrained from offering an endorsement, instead urging the former president to actively earn the support of those within and beyond the Republican Party who did not back him. Drawing from the wisdom of Margaret Thatcher, Haley stressed the importance of independent decision-making in politics.

Emphasizing her commitment to conservative principles, Haley also pointed out the necessity of a unified conservative cause, asserting that politics should focus on inclusivity rather than division. She highlighted the imperative of standing firm on critical issues such as fiscal responsibility, national security, and bipartisan cooperation.

In her address, Haley voiced concerns about the state of American politics, lamenting the dysfunction in Congress and the escalating national debt. She called for a return to core American values, advocating for a smaller federal government and term limits for politicians in Washington.

Moreover, Haley emphasized the significance of America’s role in global affairs, underscoring the importance of standing by allies and confronting emerging threats. She warned against the consequences of retreat, asserting that strength and unity were essential for preserving peace and stability.

While acknowledging Trump’s likely nomination, Haley affirmed her commitment to using her voice to promote conservative ideals and unity among Americans. She invoked the words of encouragement from the Book of Joshua, urging all Americans, particularly women and girls, to remain strong and courageous in the face of challenges.