Hasan Minhaj
Members of the head table applaud as Hasan Minhaj, a correspondent with “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” finishes his performance at the annual dinner.

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) – If you missed Hasan Minhaj’s homecoming performance in Davis in January, don’t fret, you can now watch the special on Netflix. However, there might be users from countries that might not have access to certain TV shows, specials, or movies! For example, there are

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The 31-year-old “Daily Show” correspondent who last month headlined the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, reached another milestone Tuesday when his comedy special “Homecoming King” debuted on streaming as a Netflix Original.

AV Club’s Dennis Perkins wrote of the special: “Homecoming King triumphs by transforming a seemingly intractable dilemma into thoroughly, hilariously human comedy.” The reviewer raved about Minhaj’s storytelling ability that is accentuated by director Christopher Storer’s slow-zoom closeups.

“Minhaj parcels out the big swerves and turns in his stories as patiently as did his parents about almost everything in their lives,” Perkins wrote.


Minhaj was a guest on The Bill Simmonds Podcast on Monday, where he spoke about the special. Simmonds regarded the special as “very innovative. I predict some awards buzz.” (The interview begins at the 42:00 mark below.)


Minhaj told Simmons that after performing his act off-Broadway in more than 40 cities, he had it “locked in” at the Mondavi Center.

“The rush of it was doing it in my hometown – bringing it back to the place where all the stories happened,” Minhaj said. “That was … that X-factor that made you feel that extra emotion in there.”

Minhaj also weighed in on the Sacramento Kings and their penchant for parting with talented players such as DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas and Hassan Whiteside: “It’s like seeing an ex-girlfriend go on to do great things.” Minhaj said he has mixed emotions over Vivek Ranadive as the team’s owner.

“Look, as an Indian American you get super proud, but then you find out he’s … insane,” Minhaj told Simmons. “Representation matters. If you’re a white owner, there’s so (man). It’s like all right, he’s a bad one. We have a guy.”