Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.19.55 PMKEMAH Texas, (Diya TV) — A Lone Star State business owner is making national headlines for displaying his anti-Hindu sentiments at his business for the public to see. Mohammad Dar, a Muslim and owner of a Houston-area Dairy Queen restaurant franchise, says that it’s wrong for people to follow a religion – something man-made rather than a set of beliefs, or laws.

Hindu is not a religion, Hindu is an act of a person – Mohammad Dar, Dairy Queen Franchisee

Dar said in an interview with local TV station KHOU11. “They may look human but they are acting like monkeys,” said Dar. In another interview with KPRC he said that “racism is the foundation of Hinduism.”

Dar claims the signs have only been on display for about six months, however, area residents have reportedly said they’ve been up for well over a year.

Additionally, he has papered the inside of the business with anti-religion posters, one of which refers to Hinduism as “monkeyism.”


Mohammad Dar
Mohammad Dar

Dar said the signs aren’t coming down because of their “educational value,” and, “because only about one percent” of the 200 customers he serves daily say they find them offensive.

In a joint statement from the Hindu American Foundation’s local Chapter & the Hindus of Greater Houston said, “While Mr. Dar has a First Amendment right to say what he wants at his own place of business, we find it disappointing that he chooses to malign Hinduism and its pluralistic ethos in the manner that he does. In times like these, signs like Mr. Dar’s only serve to contribute to ignorance and mistrust, as opposed to building bridges and understanding. We hope the customers who go to his store see past his signs and reach out to Hindus in their community to learn about their beliefs.”