SALT LAKE CITY (Diya TV) — Authorities have arrested a Utah man for allegedly barging into a Hindu yoga studio and yelling threats. Officers arrived and arrested the man. A woman was livestreaming from the Salt Lake City branch of the multi-national Bhakti Yoga Society. Workers there say the man had recently become “aggressive” with some of the other people at the yoga studio and was asked not to come back.

Two Indian American candidates have secured the Democratic Party nominations for Illinois State legislature races in November after winning the party primaries. If elected, Nabeela Syed and Kevin Olickal would be the first South Asian Americans in the state’s legislature.

The late Sen. John McCain, Denzel Washington, and gold star father Khzir Khan are among the 17 Americans who will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a ceremony next week at the White House. Back in 2016, the Pakistani American said that former President Donald Trump quote, “sacrificed nothing and no one,” before raising a copy of the US Constitution, asking if Trump had ever read it.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.