President Donald Trump during his Tuesday night joint address to Congress.

WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Nearly a week after a triple shooting in Olathe, Ka. left Srinivas Kuchibhotla dead and two others injured, the FBI announced it was investigating the incident as a hate crime, and President Donald Trump issued his first statement on the attack Tuesday night.

In a joint speech to Congress, President Trump condemned the shooting.

Trump opened the joint address by denouncing the Kansas City area attack and a recent wave of anti-Semitism. “We are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms,” he said.

However, his remarks came six full days after the incident occurred, a delay many have criticized. Monday, former Secretary of State and Trump opponent Hillary Clinton called on the president to speak on the matter.

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, a Kansas Republican, said Tuesday afternoon he contacted the White House to urge Trump to condemn the shooting.

Sen. Jerry Moran said he appreciated hearing the president acknowledge the recent attack in Olathe, “and condemn the hatred that fueled this senseless act.”

“This tragedy — motivated by prejudice and xenophobia — that took a Kansan’s life will not be tolerated.” Moran said.

Sen. Pat Roberts said he was “proud” of Trump’s speech.

“In the first words of his joint address, President Trump strongly condemned the ‘hate and evil’ of the tragic shootings and murder in Olathe,” Roberts said. “President Trump led with unity against evil in all of its ugly forms. I am proud this unity against violence and ignorance is already on display in Olathe and around our state.”

Information from Toriano Porter and The Kansas City Star contributed to this report.