Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was expelled from India’s Parliament in accordance with federal law after receiving a two year jail sentence for defamation, removing one of the last national figures opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. California Congressman Ro Khanna responded by saying the expulsion from parliament is a betrayal of Gandhian philosophy and India’s values, and called on Modi to reverse the decision.

The White House will disband its coronavirus response team after the COVID-19 public health emergency ends in May. The team, led most recently by Dr. Ashish Jha, has begun to dwindle in recent months as the administration has started to shift its response to the virus from the emergency that defined the early part of  term in office.

A sacred Nepali necklace linked to Kathmandu’s Taleju temple has been in the collection of The Art Institute of Chicago for decades. But now Nepal’s government is fighting to get it back. The museum is also dealing with accusations of displaying looted antiquities from other countries.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.