SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) —   Around the world, Holi is being celebrated and commemorated. We’ll have a look at some of the festivities and show you the time Jackie Kennedy played holi with Prime Minister Nehru.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services will start accepting new H1-B visa petitions for 2020 starting April 1.

After the US cut off India’s duty-free access to their marketplace under a preferred partnership, India is reengaging, offering trade concessions across IT goods, aviation and oil purchases. The U.S. would like India to hold off on raising tariffs on key imports.

Bank of America bought its biggest trouble asset in India, as foreign investors dig deeper into India’s pile of bad debt.

Mindy Kaling will be launching a semi-autobiographical comedy series on Netflix, inspired by her own childhood.

Ravi Kapur & Alejandro Quintana contributed to this report.