MILPITAS, Calif. (Diya TV) – In an interview on “The Public Interest” with Ravi Kapur, former U.S. Congressmember and 2020 Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard detailed her journey from being a rising star in the Democratic Party to becoming an independent. Gabbard expressed her disillusionment with the party, saying “the Democratic Party that I joined over 20 years ago is completely unrecognizable.” She lamented the party’s shift away from principles she once valued, such as free speech and open debate.

The former Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee now believes that the party is “undermining democracy”, and claims Democrats are prioritizing special interests over the needs of everyday Americans. “They are undermining our right to express ourselves and squashing this open marketplace of ideas,” said Gabbard, pointing to a broader concern about the party’s direction on both domestic and foreign policies.

Her meeting with President Trump during his transition in 2016 sparked speculation about her political future. While Gabbard has not committed to any new political campaigns, she is clear in her opposition to the Biden administration, urging voters to consider the records of both presidential candidates. “I’ve made very clear that President Biden and the Democratic leadership pose a direct threat through their actions that we’ve already seen,” she said.

Gabbard also touched on the importance of civic participation, encouraging those disillusioned with politics to step up and serve. “I encourage those people… to take that step out of an act of service,” she advised, emphasizing the need for genuine commitment to the country’s well-being over political gain.

As the first Hindu American elected to Congress, Gabbard discussed the role of her faith in shaping her political views, stating, “This is a country that believes in freedom, that includes freedom of religion.” She shared her experiences of support from diverse religious communities and highlighted the importance of coming together, despite differences.

Political analysts tell Diya TV that Gabbard could be in the mix for a cabinet position in the Trump Administration should he get elected or even be a dark horse candidate to be the former President’s running mate in the fall.