SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Diya TV) — Two California State University (CSU) professors, Sunil Kumar and Praveen Sinha, have taken their dispute with CSU to Federal court, filing an appeal against the university’s addition of ‘caste’ as a protected category in its non-discrimination policy. They argue that this inclusion unfairly targets Indian origin and Hindu students and employees.

The appeal, filed last week, seeks to overturn the district court’s decision from November, which dismissed the professors’ Due Process Claims and ruled in favor of CSU on the Establishment Clause claims. The professors contend that CSU’s failure to define caste has led to self-censorship and constitutes a violation of their constitutional rights. They also challenge the dismissal of the Establishment Clause claims, asserting that the policy inaccurately defines Hinduism, and contest the dismissal of the Free Exercise claims, alleging interference with their religious practices.

According to Samir Kalra, Managing Director of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), the addition of ‘caste’ to CSU’s non-discrimination policy appears to target Hindus intentionally and defines Hinduism in a constitutionally impermissible manner. Kalra emphasizes that the appeal is essential not only for professors Kumar and Sinha, but for all Hindu faculty, staff, and students across CSU campuses in California.