Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas

WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — The Senate Conservatives Fund is lashing out against House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other establishment Republicans for their efforts in blocking the rise of a GOP candidate who could become the first Indian-American congresswoman.

President Ken Cuccinelli lashed out against the party’s establishment in an email to supporters late last week, questioning the wisdom of supporting Neal Dunn, a Florida businessman who is running in the GOP primary in the state’s 2nd district, over attorney Mary Thomas, who has earned praise from more conservative groups.

“The GOP establishment loves to talk about how the Republicans need more women and minorities in office to improve the party’s image. But when a young, conservative 38-year-old Indian-American woman seeks office, they move heaven and earth to defeat her,” Cuccinelli wrote.

“If Mary Thomas wins this race, she will be the first Indian-American woman to serve in the United States Congress, but Kevin McCarthy and his allies want to defeat her and elect a liberal, middle-aged white guy. It’s hypocritical and indefensible,” he added.

Cuccinelli goes on to allege that the “DC establishment doesn’t care about diversity”and that McCarthy and super-PACs linked to House leadership are working to taint Thomas as a liberal.