NEW YORK (Diya TV)  — Former Vice President Joe Biden began his formal courtship of Indian Americans and Muslim Americans voters through virtual town halls. Biden did not speak at the Indian American event, but surrogates like DNC Chair Tom Perez, former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and former U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma conveyed the Biden message that he would help India gain a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and combat cross-border terrorism. At the Million Muslim Voters Summit, Biden recited a passage from the Hadith, and vowed to end the Muslim Ban on day one if he is elected.

The last member of the Civil Rights’ “Big 6,” Rep. John Lewis, passed away. He was 80 years old. Lewis was the youngest member of a group that included Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., all of whom were leaders of civil rights groups that led the March on Washington in 1963. He served 17 terms in Congress and often called himself a student of Gandhi and his nonviolent movement.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.