MIAMI (Diya TV) — Law enforcement agencies in South Florida have successfully dismantled a burglary ring that targeted the Asian community, resulting in the arrest of seven suspects. The coordinated effort by the Coral Springs Police Department, Broward Sheriff’s Office, and Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office led to the apprehension of individuals believed to be responsible for at least 10 residential burglaries across the region over the past few weeks.

The arrests came after a joint operation involving surveillance and investigative efforts to track down the perpetrators. Coral Springs Police Chief Bradley McKeone highlighted the seriousness of the crimes, emphasizing that the burglaries not only posed a threat to property but also jeopardized the livelihoods of hardworking individuals within the Asian community.

According to authorities, the suspects strategically targeted homes of Asian business owners, including those running restaurants and nail salons. Their modus operandi involved breaking into residences while the owners were at work, ransacking the premises, and stealing valuables.

The breakthrough in the case came when investigators noticed a pattern of burglaries in Broward and Palm Beach counties, prompting them to intensify surveillance efforts. Secret cameras were set up to monitor the suspects, ultimately leading to their apprehension in Fort Lauderdale.

The arrest operation culminated in the detention of seven individuals, identified as Norma Garcia Maldonado, Wilson Daniel Agudel Restrepo, Jhon Edward Augudelo, Ricardo Mauricio Llanos Velazquez, Julio Cesar Moreno Arenas, Bryan Steven Munoz Diaz, and Edwin Nicolas Urquijo Cabrera. All suspects are facing charges of burglary and grand theft.

One victim, who wished to remain anonymous, described the ordeal of having his home burglarized, with the perpetrators making off with a safe containing cash and valuables. The victim expressed relief over the arrests and the recovery of the stolen property, noting the targeted nature of the crimes.

Authorities are also exploring the possibility of charging the suspects with hate crimes, given the reported pattern of targeting Asian-owned businesses and residences. Chief McKeone reiterated the commitment of law enforcement to uphold justice and protect communities from such criminal activities.