ORLANDO (Diya TV) — Indian American attorney Rishi Bagga is running for a Florida House seat. He made the announcement on twitter and says he’s looking forward to advocating on issues that matter most to Floridians and plans on sharing more details about his campaign in the coming weeks. 
U.S. President Joe Biden rolled out new measures designed to expand coronavirus testing and reinforce hospitals, warning that the Omicron variant could strain the nation’s health system once again. He’s also trying to distribute 500 million free at home covid rapid tests by next month.  Biden urged Americans to get vaccinated and seek out boosters, calling the virus’ resurgence a matter of “deadly business” for the millions who have refused the shots. 
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met chief executives of leading companies across various sectors including banking, telecom, consumer goods, technology, healthcare, along with space and electronics. He’s gathering data ahead of the Union Budget that will be presented in February.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.