Pennsylvania’s 20 electors casted their votes at the state’s House chambers.

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — When Ash Khare left India for greener pastures in the United States, he departed with two bachelor’s degrees and $8 in his pocket. Today, he has 45 patents, published a multitude of papers and is a member of the electoral college voters.

Khare has become a pseudo celebrity lately after he became the face of defiance to the calls for deserting Donald Trump in the electoral college vote.

On his way home from the vote Monday, the 68-year-old immigrant from Kanpur prepared himself for two nightly rituals he’s come to dread: checking his mailbox and email. On a daily basis, Khare said he receives at least 6,000 emails regarding the election and its winner, Donald Trump. He said he’s received another 17,000 calls, and so many pieces of mail that his local post station was required to assign him a private deliveryman.

When he shared some of the letters he’s received with law enforcement, a plainclothes officer was assigned to protect him.

“What am I supposed to do with all of these?” Some of the thousands of letters Khare has received. Photo courtesy: CNN

People were writing to him from all over the country, Khare said, and the world — Germany, UK, France, Australia and, he remembered clearly, Costa Rica — urging the Republican Elector to not vote for Trump.

“One seven-year-old girl called to say she was scared of Trump,” he told CNN. “How the hell can a seven year old girl be scared of Donald Trump, you tell me.”

Another woman called to say her father survived the Holocaust and now she was scared of Donald Trump. “Lady, I told her, what do you want me to do about it,” he said.

“This is harassment,” Khare claimed, assigning blame to the Clinton campaign for using their vast resources to broadcast a message with the “dumbest, stupid ideas” to their donors in an attempt to explain why the Democratic nominee lost the election. This despite the phenomenal amount of money she spent.

But Khare, who has been a Republican for decades, wouldn’t budge on his vote. He was one of the 538 electors who voted in the electoral college, and the only Indian American among them who voted for the billionaire real estate mogul, he said. Trump won the electoral college vote by a final tally of 304-227.

Khare has recently emerged as a vocal opponent of those who were working for Trump’s defeat in the electoral college election.

“I am doing my duty,” Khare said. “I am for Mr. Trump. I am for his agenda. I am totally excited. The way he his picking his cabinet, the way he is doing his thing. I believe the greatest days of this country are yet to come. And I am glad I am alive to be able to see it.”