MOHALI, INDIA (Diya TV) If you’ve followed Indian cricket, then you know there has been one “God” – Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin epitomized the “Mumbai school of batting”, and he was it’s finest specimen – perfect technique as every shot always seemed to find improbable gaps all around the wicket and the propensity to score the big centuries. Sachin was the same yet refreshingly different from those that excelled in the art of batting, the legendary Gavaskar, the effortless Vengsarkar: Sachin showcased grit! Especially when the odds got tough and overseas. Amongst all his great innings, his two chasesin Sharjah in 1998, elevated an Indian cricketer to immortal, God status. It was that Sachin we longed to see well into his twilight, but over time we experienced an mellowed perfectionist who floated above and away from the mortals that walked the same field as he did.

This brings us to our story today, as we’re experiencing the transformation of a star into God v2.0 status – Virat Kohli. We’ve smiled at the expletive laden celebrations and the passionate repartee which is typical of Delhi boys

Remember Gautam Gambhir?

But over time he’s showcased a strong mind and a hunger to excel that fuels the machismo that will lead Indian cricket forward. Kohli has been prolific in all forms of the game and like his mentor,

Sachin, has an impeccable technique and a record overseas. Yet Kohli seems special, he’s showcased the strong hunger to finish important games especially when the odds stack up against India. In the WT20 tournament, we’ve experienced two special innings so far, one against Bangladesh and the other against Australia where he’s stepped into the cauldron and batted India out of trouble while more talented ones have struggled, and badly so! What’s special about these innings is that they showcase a strong mind – confident in the body’s abilities, they showcase responsibility which reflects maturity (Virat’s 27 years old) and above all it showcases passion that is not all talk.

We’re witnessing a star that will continue to shine brighter and if he continues on the same passionate trajectory Indian cricket will have just gilded its God v2.0 in the next 3 years. Virat Kohli – We’re misty eyed, standing and applauding!