SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — India’s Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday upped the ante in his personal battle against the government in its demonetization of the country’s most-circulated currency, alleging that he has information about “personal corruption” involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gandhi’s words were delivered during a press briefing, which included a delegation of opposition party leaders at the Central Hall in Parliament.

“We are pretty much unconditionally ready for a debate in Parliament. The government is not allowing me to speak,” he said. “I have personal information about PM Modi’s corruption. He is personally terrified. He cannot run away from the House. He has taken a decision against the poor of the country. He owes the country an explanation.”

The striking words come one day after Gandhi said there will be an “earthquake” if he is afforded the opportunity to speak freely on demonetization. While the Indian government said its prepared for a debate — Modi himself might speak in Lok Sabha — proceedings were once again disrupted after the House adjourned for the day.

So just what sort of information does Gandhi have on Modi?

“That information is personal information about Narendra Modi, which I want to state in Lok Sabha,” Gandhi said in response to that question. “It is personal corruption of the Prime Minister that I have, we have detailed information about. We want to present it, which the Prime Minister is not allowing us to speak.”

Modi’s party, the BJP, has dismissed the claims as “false and baseless.”  Parliamentary Affairs Minister and senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar said the allegations were driven out of “desperation” and “frustration,” and asked Gandhi to apologize to the prime minister.

Soon after Gandhi’s allegations, India’s opposition party charged Modi with running away from the debate, going as far as to say in doing so, the prime minister was a “threat” to the country’s parliamentary system. Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal asked Gandhi to expose the prime minister if he actually has the documents.