ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (Diya TV) – Three men are now facing criminal charges in Missouri for allegedly holding a 20-year-old Indian student captive, subjecting him to repeated beatings, starvation, and forced labor over several months. 35 year old Venkatesh R. Sattaru, 23 year old Sravanvarma Penumetcha, and 27 year old Nikhil V. Penmatsa are accused of crimes related to abuse through forced labor, first-degree domestic assault, kidnapping, and human trafficking.

The victim, who endured severe injuries including multiple bone fractures, lacerations, and injuries covering his entire body, was rescued by police officers in St. Charles County, Missouri. The ordeal involved the victim being forced to work at three different homes owned by Sattaru, who is identified as the victim’s cousin and visa sponsor.

Sattaru, also charged with human trafficking for the purpose of slavery, is accused of directing and participating in the brutal assaults. The suspects, described as wealthy individuals with political connections in India, allegedly confined the victim to unfinished basements, limiting access to food, water, and restroom facilities.

Police intervened after a concerned citizen reported the situation. The victim, now hospitalized for extensive injuries, had lost over 30 pounds since arriving in the U.S.

The charging documents reveal a horrifying account of the victim being beaten with fists, electrical wiring, PVC pipes, and metal rods. Sattaru allegedly orchestrated beatings through live feeds, ensuring the victim’s suffering.

St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph McCulloch condemned the inhumane treatment, describing it as “absolutely inhumane and unconscionable.” The suspects are currently held without bond due to concerns of potential flight.