METUCHEN, N.J. (Diya TV) — A Metuchen woman, Sobia Qaiser, has filed a lawsuit against Edison Mayor Sam Joshi and the Township for a car crash that occurred on December 9, 2022, leaving her with “severe, serious, and permanent injuries.” Qaiser alleges that Mayor Joshi, who was driving a township vehicle, was “negligent and careless,” and the Township was negligent in entrusting the vehicle to him.

The collision took place when Qaiser was traveling south on Talmadge Road, and Mayor Joshi, moving eastbound on Hoey Drive, struck her. The lawsuit outlines Qaiser’s significant injuries, medical expenses incurred, and the potential future costs, emphasizing the impact on her ability to attend to necessary affairs and business.

Qaiser is seeking damages, interest, the cost of the lawsuit, and a trial by jury. Additionally, she is pursuing any insurance agreements or policies that may be held liable. The Township spokesperson stated that Mayor Joshi had publicly disclosed the minor car accident last year, using it as an opportunity to advocate for safe driving during the holiday season. The Township’s attorneys are now reviewing the lawsuit.