LOS ANGELES (Diya TV) – A song titled “Abundance in Millets,” which integrates a speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has secured a Grammy nomination in the ‘Best Global Music Performance’ category. Sung by Falu and Gaurav Shah, the composition incorporates excerpts from Modi’s address during the inauguration of the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference earlier this year. The nomination recognizes the song’s role in advocating millets as a solution to global hunger. Falu, a Grammy-winning artist celebrated for her fusion of modern creativity and classical Indian vocal talent, is behind this compelling musical piece, competing with six other nominees in its category.

The song specifically includes parts of Modi’s speech where he expressed India’s leadership in celebrating the ‘International Millet Year.’ In his address, the Indian Prime Minister highlighted the collaborative efforts of farmers and citizens, anticipating that ‘Shree Anna’ would contribute to the prosperity not only of India but the entire world.

“Abundance in Millets” was created with the explicit purpose of raising awareness about millets as a potential key to alleviating world hunger. Falu, also known as Falguni Shah, previously earned the Grammy Award in 2022 for ‘Best Children’s Album’ for her notable work on ‘A Colorful World.’ The track competes alongside six others in the ‘Best Global Music Performance’ category at the Grammy Awards.

The song’s inspiration stems from a conversation between Falu and Modi in New Delhi last year, where the Prime Minister suggested composing a song with a message addressing the critical issue of hunger. This creative collaboration takes on added significance in 2023, designated as the “International Year of Millets.” The song aims to support this global initiative by championing millets as a crucial solution.