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Tejinder Singh charged with hate crime in Taco Bell rant



SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — A California man is now facing hate crime charges for his racist rant at a Fremont, California Taco Bell. A customer recorded Tejinder Singh berating him with anti-Hindu slurs and other insults last week. Originally, police said there wasn’t enough evidence to build a criminal case. But after further review, the DA’s office changed its mind.

The North Texas community held a rally against Asian hate after a Mexican American woman was caught on camera assaulting and yelling racial slurs at a group of Indian American women. Police arrested Esmeralda Upton. She’s charged with misdemeanor assault and making terroristic threats. Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident as a hate crime and may add more charges later.

Indian American Shareth Keshava Narayana is the co-founder of accent removing technology company Sanas and is defending allegations that his software is racist. He says it will help customers better understand representatives at call centers based in foreign countries like India and the Philippines.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.

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