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Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant encourages revolt against Trump



Kshama Sawant
Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant, who was born in Pune, India, and is a member of the Socialist Alternative party currently serving on the Seattle city council, is encouraging a rebellion against President Donald Trump.

SEATTLE (Diya TV) — Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant hailed President Donald Trump’s dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey an extremely significant political event, and said it was only further proof Trump needs to be removed from his post in the Oval Office.

“A lot of people correctly want Trump out, I want Trump out,” she was quoted as saying by Democracy Now!. “But I want Trump, the Republicans, the billionaire class and the security state out of  power.”

Sawant, who was born in Pune and is a member of the Socialist Alternative party, called Comey’s firing indicative of the current administration’s instability. “It’s true that the firing of James Comey is an extremely significant political event. It definitely puts on display the authoritarian streak of the Trump administration, his billionaire-backed, right-wing administration. And it shows an administration in deep crisis,” she said.

“We, as ordinary people, as social movements, we cannot wait for whether or not there will be a smoking gun that will be found in the investigations, which of course, should go forward. The question is: What do we do now? And I think that right now the time is ripe to really build social movements,” Sawant added.

As the first member of the Socialist Alternative party to win a seat on Seattle’s council in a century, she has since helped champion the city’s $15 per hour minimum wage bill. She has also been more than vocal about her desires to move towards a single-payer healthcare system.

 “So, in reality, what message we should be drawing from the crisis in the Trump regime, the crumbling of the legitimacy of the ruling classes everywhere, is that this is exactly the moment for us to build our movements, not to be complacent, not to wait for a impeachment to happen, but to recognize that Trump, as vicious as he is, as vicious as his right-wing, billionaire-backed administration is, we can defeat him,” she said.

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