Eric Trump, pictured in middle, attended services at a Florida Hindu temple.
Eric Trump, pictured in middle, attended services at a Florida Hindu temple.

ORLANDO, Fla. (Diya TV) — Eric Trump, son of the Republican presidential nominee, participated in a traditional ‘aarti’ at a Hindu temple in Florida in an effort to capture more of the Indian American vote.

Eric, 32, arrived at the temple in full tow with Republican Hindu Coalition leader Shalli Kumar. He was dressed in a suit, but changed his clothes and wore a cream-colored Sherwani to attend the ‘aarti.’

Trump went on a tour of the temple where the priest explained him the significance of aarti and other rituals. He was also told the tales of God Rama and Krishna. He was also presented with a saffron stole by the priest.

Florida is one of the most important swing states up for grabs in Tuesday’s general election. The state just happens to have one of the most wealthy and growing population of Hindus in the country.

Earlier, Eric’s father Donald attempted to appeal to Indian American voters during a television ad. He borrowed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s winning slogan of the 2014 general elections and was seen in a TV ad saying “Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkaar.” It marks the first occasion a presidential candidate has targeted Indian-American voters.

Eric’s wife, Lara Trump, also previously attended a Diwali event at a Hindu temple in another key swing state, Virginia. As a mark of respect to the Indian culture, she removed her shoes before entering the Rajdhani temple in Virginia. “I really like Hindu culture and I respect It,” she had said. She also said her father-in-law had an incredible amount of love and respect for India and its people.

Last month, Trump also attended a charity event last month hosted by members of the Hindu community in Edison, where he praised India for helping to combat terrorism.

In another statement, he also praised the Hindu community’s ‘fantastic’ contributions to world civilization and American culture.