Huma Abedin under siege from Republican Hindu Coalition



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NEW YORK (Diya TV) — Huma Abedin, the embattled aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, is facing a new dilemma. This time, not over her boss’s private email server, but instead because of her heritage.

The Republican Hindu Coalition is taking aim at Abedin, branding her “pro-terrorist,” and, in a new TV ad targeting Hindu-American voters, questioning her “Pakistani and Saudi background.”

The 30-second commercial, which began airing this week, kicks things off by first taking a jab at the nominee herself: “Hillary, sympathetic towards Pakistan. Gave billions of dollars in aid and military equipment used against India.” It immediately moves on to the subject of Abedin: “Huma Abedin is of Pakistani origin and will become chief of staff if she wins,” the ad states.

While she’s widely considered to be Clinton’s top aide, there remains no concrete proof that she would be selected as chief of staff if the 69-year-old is elected.

It is being played on Zee TV, TV Asia, Star TV, Times Now, Gemini, AAJ and around 10 other stations, according to a source, who describes the strategy as “full saturation.”

In addition, the Republican Hindu Coalition is distributing 60,000 direct mail pieces to Hindu-American voters in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio that state: “Chief of Staff in Clinton White House will be Huma Abedin, of Pakistani and Saudi background.”

Founder Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar said the Hindu-American vote will play a crucial role in determining either candidates’ path to the White House. He claims he’s spent $4 million to help elect Donald Trump, and said he’s open to spending a “couple million” more.

“Huma in general is as pro-terrorist as you could be … she’s got a really dark background. I can’t even fathom. I don’t understand why Hillary will associate herself with Huma,” Kumar said in an interview, referring to Abedin’s parents’ background.

“Unless it becomes a runaway,” he said, saying his organization is heavily involved in the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

“It feels in my gut that Hillary is tired — and Donald Trump is sprinting,” Kumar added.

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