Sarah Patel
Sarah Patel, seen middle, is being hailed as a hero in New Zealand.

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — A six-year-old girl of Indian origin is being hailed as a hero in New Zealand after she fought off a group of robbers who were wielding an ax when they broke into her father’s shop in the country.

A group of masked robbers broke into the electrical shop owned by Sarah Patel’s family in Auckland and attacked the employees with ax and iron lever on Monday afternoon. A CCTV camera footage in the shop has captured the moments of Patel defending the staff when the masked, axe-wielding robbers attacked.

In the video, Patel can bee seen rushing one of the robbers, attempted to stop him by sweeping his leg. Patel told New Zealand Herald that she was “trying to save” the employee and that she “wasn’t scared” while taking on the robber.

Patel and her grandfather fled the scene when they spotted the ax in the hands of one of the robbers.

Suhail Patel, her father, told TVNZ that he was proud of her daughter. Though she had been shaken by the incident, Suhail Patel said he was “very fortunate she didn’t get hurt.”

“Last night she was very upset. Was in shock. We’ve been trying to say to her ‘You’re the bravest girl’, that sort of thing,” he said.

Patel’s mother Nashrin said that her daughter thought the attacker was her father when she tried to defend the employees.

“When she stood up she holded [sic] one of the guys’ legs, she was thinking it was her dad. And then he just looked at her and she got scared again,” Nashrin told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The accused, five 16-year-old juveniles, were caught by police and charged with aggravated robbery, injuring with intent and breaching bail. One of the robbers still remains on the run from authorities.