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Chicago celebrates third annual Kala Utsav


Kala Utsav
Kala Utsav

Consul General of India Chicago Dr Ausaf Sayeed with Kala-Utsav participant

CHICAGO (Diya TV) — The Consulate General of India hosted Chicago’s Annual Cultural Festival “Kala-Utsav-2016” on Aug. 22, an event which was put on in collaboration with 23 different Indian Cultural Organizations to promote the rich heritage of Indian Art and Culture in the US Midwest.

Featured in the event were more than 250 renowned Indian artists, all of which traveled from across the country to showcase their talents to the diverse crowd.

This year’s festival was inaugurated by Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Consul General of India. He got things started by lighting of the lamp, per traditional Indian customs. He was joined by Farha Sayeed, OP Meena, Head of Chancery at the Consulate, Harish Kolasani and members of participating organization of Kala-Utsav 2016.

Chicago Kalashetra, the best known and most popular kshetram vadyam group in the country, kicked off the event with a performance of “ChendaMelam.”

Nearly 500 people comprising of the Indian-American Diaspora hailing from different parts of India, including many U.S. nationals and diplomats attended the event.

In his address, Sayeed spoke on the ancient, deep-rooted and diverse culture of India, dating back to five thousand years. He said the objective of the festival was to not only to encourage and showcase the extraordinary talents in the Indian-American community but also to reiterate and celebrate the concept of India’s diversity and oneness.

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